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Match! Update Page

Latest Update

In order to make sure that your Match! software is always "up-to-date", you should visit this page from time to time, especially if you have deactivated the "Automatic Online Update" option.

The current version is 2.2.2. If you are still using an earlier version (which can be checked by selecting "About Match!" from the "Help" menu), we strongly recommend to update to the current version. This can easily be achieved by performing the following steps:

  1. If Match! is running, please save any open documents and close the program.
  2. Please DO NOT uninstall the previous version before installing the new version! Instead, simply install the new version on top of the existing version. This is important to make sure that your license file is retained.
  3. Download the installer file for your platform (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux 32-bit) from the Download page, and uncompress ("unzip") it if necessary.
  4. Make sure that you have administrator privileges on multi-user systems, then run the installer by double-clicking on it. More details about this topic are given in the platform-specific "Readme" files that are also available from the Download page.
  5. Follow the steps in the installer until it has finished, then restart Match!.
  6. Check whether the update was successful by selecting "About Match!" from the "Help" menu.

Enhancements in version 2.2.2

  • New command "Peaks/Scale intensities" rescales the relative peak intensities to a maximum value of 1000.0 (useful e.g. after peak addition by mouse)
  • New command "Peaks/Refill residuals" restores the original available relative intensity values that have been reduced e.g. due to the application of the automatic residual searching.
  • Buffer size has been significantly reduced (especially when using large reference databases like the PDF), leading to much smaller document files as well as faster Undo/Redo operations and more stability.
  • Command "Delete incomplete entries" has been improved and works much faster by now.
  • Default peak searching sensitivity has been adjusted.
  • Default automatic optimization of peak searching sensitivity has been disabled.
  • Several bugs have been fixed:
    • Specimen displacement correction value was not mentioned in the report.
    • The data sheet was not displayed on some machines/platforms.
    • Diffraction data below 2theta=1.0 degree could not be displayed. This boundary has now been reduced to a minimum 2theta-value of 0.1 degree.
    • The checkbox "Entries must contain full crystal structure" on the "Structure" restraints tab did not work properly.
    • Some minor issues have been resolved

Enhancements in version 2.2.1

  • You can now copy the diffraction pattern graphics into other programs like Microsoft Word or Excel using the clipboard, by pressing <Ctrl+C> or using the menu "Edit/Copy pattern graphics".
  • New command "Delete incomplete entries" in "Entries" menu and toolbar removes entries that do not contain a complete crystal structure description and are hence not usable for Rietveld
  • refinement calculations.
  • It is now possible to use '*' wild card characters in text restraints like 'Name', 'Space group', 'Color' or 'Author', in order to run text fragments searching. Without wildcard character(s), the exact match is required by now. In contrast to this, the "Search/Find phase/entry(s)..." command still uses text fragment searching by default.
  • New toolbar style on Mac OS X
  • The keyboard shortcut for zeropoint correction has been modified from <Ctrl+C> to <Ctrl+Shift+C>.
  • If a PDF reference database was used, the program might have crashed every now and then. This issue has been fixed by now.
  • Inel rawdata files containing count values > 1.0E6 could not be imported in previous versions; this problem has been resolved as well.
  • Some minor bugs have been fixed.

Enhancements in version 2.2.0

  • Profile area integrals can now be displayed e.g. using the "Calculate profile integrals..." command in the "Pattern" menu.
  • Peak residuals can now be displayed e.g. using the "Calculate peak residuals..." command in the "Peaks" menu.
  • New match list option "Display unidentified peak area / residual intensity"
  • New report options "Integrated profile areas" and "Peak residuals"
  • New match list context menu entry "Match list options..."
  • You can now define excluded pattern ranges using the new "Exclude ranges..." command in the "Pattern" menu.
  • Peak searching algorithm has been improved.
  • Background determination code has been improved.
  • New Rietveld parameter "Profile shape parameters for all phases" on "Beginner"-tab of the Rietveld parameter turn-on dialog
  • Automatic Rietveld refinement has been improved.
  • New dialog "Select preferred user level" ('Beginner' or 'Expert') displayed at first program startup
  • The panel for status bar messages is much wider now, because the licensee information is now displayed in the same panel.
  • Several bugs have been fixed
    • A severe bug in the background determination code has been fixed.
    • If the minimum number of correlated peaks on the search-match options tab was set to a value > 3, no more matching entries were found.
    • In Rietveld refinement we have switched the space group information in the FullProf control files back to Hermann-Mauguin-symbols, because using the symmetry matrices (as introduced in Match! version 2.1.3) turned out not to work properly in all cases.
    • A bug affecting the Rietveld refinement of the 2theta shift has been fixed.
    • In certain circumstances the default setting of the "Display background" option was not retained.
    • When the "Options"-dialog was closed with activated "Save as defaults" option, a selection criteria preset called "Options/SaveAsDefaults" was created by mistake.
    • A variety of minor bugs has been fixed as well.

Enhancements in version 2.1.4

  • Parameters of manually added peaks (optionally 2theta, intensity and/or FWHM) are now fitted to the profile data automatically.
  • The 2theta- and intensity axis unit as well as the wavelength can now be modified by clicking on the corresponding labels in the diffraction pattern graphics.
  • Experimental peaks can now also be marked and shifted by (right-)clicking on the corresponding peak position marks below the diffraction pattern.
  • A warning message is now displayed if the user selects a FullProf version that is older than the recommended release April 2013.
  • Several bugs have been fixed:
    • On some OS X versions (like Mavericks (10.9)), the online help could not be opened, due to some missing library files.
    • If peaks were added manually (either using dialog or mouse) right after a new document has been opened/created, the color of the peaks was black; other errors or program crashs might have followed.
    • A bug affecting the Rietveld refinement of atomic parameters (coordinates etc.) has been fixed.
    • If a Rietveld parameter value was modified using the "Modify Rietveld Variable" dialog, the new value was not accepted/stored.
    • If no difference plot was displayed ever before, either the peak difference or the profile difference was displayed at random when the difference plot was opened in the pattern graphics using the mouse.
    • We have fixed a bug in the export function for profile data in the "start, step, end, intensities"-format that caused too few data points to be written.
    • Bugs in the XRDML- as well as the G670/Huber-import filter have been resolved.
    • A bug preventing the loading of a Match! document file (.mtd) by double-clicking on it was fixed (Windows version).
    • Several minor bugs have been fixed as well.

Enhancements in version 2.1.3

  • On Windows, you can now display the crystal structure of the currently marked entry in "Diamond", e.g. by pressing the corresponding new button in the main toolbar.
  • In the Rietveld parameter turn-on dialog, the number of active parameters is now displayed at the top of the 'Table of active parameters'.
  • In Rietveld refinement, the symmetry matrices are now written to the pcr-files, in order to avoid problems with wrong settings / origin choice resulting from ambiguous space group symbols.
  • Several bugs have been fixed:
    • A bug that caused a failure of the 'Reset' function in the Rietveld parameter turn-on dialog has been fixed.
    • The "File/Open/Import"-dialog was displayed even though Match! had been run with the name of a batch script file given as "command line" argument.
    • The mouse cursor in the pattern graphics was not reset if the "vertical line" option was active.
    • The modification of the height of the difference plot using the mouse did not work properly.
    • Several minor bugs have been fixed.

Enhancements in version 2.1.2

  • You can now display the peak d-values of marked reference entries in the pattern graphics.
  • New Rietveld option "Previous" for "Which tab (user level) shall be displayed first..."
  • Rietveld options have been re-arranged in the "Options"-dialog
  • New option "Shift on 2theta axis (zero point)" on tab "Beginner" in the Rietveld parameter turn-on dialog
  • Minor improvements in Rietveld parameter turn-on dialog
  • New button/function "Reset" in the "Reference Database Library" removes all current reference databases but the COD that was installed along with Match!. This function can also be used to cope with reference database issues (e.g. see the bug below).
  • Default color for Rietveld profile data has been changed in order to improve visibility.
  • Several bugs have been fixed:
    • A severe issue affecting the reference database library has been fixed which caused duplicate reference databases and other issues for user-specific reference databases.
    • On Mac OS X it was not possible to run Rietveld refinement if FullProf was installed in a directory other than the default "Applications" folder.
    • An issue affecting the checkbox "unit cell parameters" on the "Advanced" tab of the Rietveld parameter turn-on dialog has been resolved.
    • A bug in the import code for XRDML files has been fixed that e.g. caused problems in Rietveld refinement.
    • After a Rietveld refinement calculation had been run, the difference plot was not switched over to "Rietveld".
    • A variety of minor issues (most of them affecting Rietveld refinement) have been resolved.

Enhancements in version 2.1.1

  • Warning message concerning background determination problems can now be switched off on the 'General' tab of the 'Options'-dialog.
  • The FullProf environment variable is now also used for the automatic determination of the path to FullProf.
  • Several bugs especially affecting the new Rietveld refinement feature have been fixed.
  • Some minor bugs have been fixed as well.

Enhancements in version 2.1.0

  • Rietveld refinement calculations can be setup, run and evaluated from within Match! (using FullProf internally to actually perform the calculations)
  • Signatures of demo version have been modified. Hence, even users who have run the Match! version 2 demo version in the past and which has expired by now are able to test the new version.
  • New command "File/Export/Refined structure" (also in Match list context menu) exports crystal structure data resulting from Rietveld refinement to cif-files
  • New command "File/Export/Profile data (Rietveld)" exports the calculated profile data from Rietveld/FullProf
  • New menu command "Pattern/Recalculate background" (available if background has been modified manually)
  • Miller indices are now also exported along with COD entry data if file format "Text file (*.txt)" is chosen.
  • Batch preset term "Manual" changed to "User defined" (please reset to factory settings to activate)
  • Several bugs have been fixed:
    • A severe issue preventing the import/indexing of the ICDD WebPDF-4+ reference database has been resolved.
    • Another severe bug that caused a crash of the program when loading a Match! document file that was created using the PDF-4 database has been fixed.
    • In certain circumstances the smoothing of the raw data was much too strong.
    • Changing the value/slider for the number of smoothing cycles during the automatic raw data processing did not have any effect.
    • If a set of entries was loaded into the Match list using the "Import predefined selection" command, only the first entry was really loaded.
    • If the "Batch" option "Run search-match calculation if update of FoM-values is required" was active, adding or deleting peaks resulted in wrong peak correlations.
    • A manually defined/corrected background curve was replaced by the automatically determined background when commands like "Smooth raw data" were run.
    • Changing the default FWHM value on the "Raw data" page of the "Options" dialog was a little bit "tricky".
    • Some minor bugs have been fixed.

Enhancements in version 2.0.12

  • Several bugs have been fixed:
    • When using the PDF-4 reference database a bug might cause a crash of the program when selecting entries.
    • The manual background adjustment has been improved.
    • When using a PDF reference database, the name of an entry selected as "matching" was not displayed in the corresponding column of the Match list.
    • If a peak had been marked and deleted in the Peak list before, it was not possible to mark the same line (now containing the next peak) again.
    • When using a wavelength other than Cu K-alpha there were problems in FoM calculation and pattern display in certain circumstances.
    • Some issues affecting the User Database Manager have been resolved.
    • Some minor bugs have been fixed.

Enhancements in version 2.0.11

  • Several bugs have been fixed:
    • The loading of additional diffraction data in Bruker RAW4 file format did not work.
    • In certain circumstances there was no reaction to running the raw data processing or peak searching commands.
    • A bug causing an error message after creating a new reference database has been resolved.
    • Fixed a bug in the Windows version due to which a new reference database that was created "for all users" was not available to normal (standard) users.
    • Some minor bugs have also been fixed.

Enhancements in version 2.0.10

  • Phase names in the Match list can now be edited by double-clicking on the corresponding field
  • New option "[Automatically] Run search-match calculation if update of FoM-values is required" on "Batch" tab of the "Tools/Options" dialog. You may have to run "Tools/Restore default settings" to adjust the "user level" settings in the options dialog!
  • Several bugs have been fixed:
    • A bug in the diffraction data file format recognition code in certain circumstances mismatched the 2-column peak data and the 2-column profile data format.
    • A couple of issues affecting Match list operations like double-clicking have been resolved.
    • Some minor bugs have been fixed.

Enhancements in version 2.0.9

  • Modification of background curve has been improved: You can now adjust control points close to the edges of the pattern, and the control point size has been increased.
  • Export of experimental peak data to text file (2-column *.dif or Stoe *.pks).
  • UTF-7 encoding of XRDML diffraction data files is now also supported.
  • When reading .esg diffraction data files, a dialog will now be displayed in which the wavelength can be confirmed or corrected.
  • Several bugs have been fixed:
    • In the "Add Peaks" dialog the button "Add peak" was not available in certain circumstances.
    • Some logical conflicts affecting the "Save as defaults"-option of the "Colors and Line Styles"-dialog have been removed.
    • A bug in the User Database Manager has been fixed that caused the diffraction pattern graphics to be empty if the wavelength was changed.
    • Another bug in the User Database Manager caused an error message "Invalid user database format" after the current user database had been saved by pressing the "Save" button.
    • Some minor bugs have been fixed.

Enhancements in version 2.0.8

  • Export of profile data in 2-column format is now also available as 2theta vs. intensity
  • Several bugs have been fixed:
    • If the option "Vertical line at mouse cursor position" was active, the program stopped working if a search-match or update calculation for the FoM-values was carried out.
    • Several bugs affecting the table "Your personal reference databases" in the Reference Database Library dialog have been fixed.
    • Some issues of the User Database Manager causing problems in its entry table (e.g. when deleting entries) have been resolved.
    • Several minor bugs have been fixed.

Enhancements in version 2.0.7

  • Several bugs have been fixed:
    • If a large reference database (like the full COD or the PDF) was used, the Match! document files became very large. Besides this, the program might crash e.g. during/after the search-match calculation. Both issues have been resolved.
    • Sometimes the program crashed if a peak was added after a document file has been loaded or the "Undo" command was run.
    • A bug affecting the loading of version 1 document files containing excluded ranges has been fixed.
    • Some minor bugs have been fixed.

Enhancements in version 2.0.6

  • The import of background profile data is now possible ("File/Import/Background")
  • You can now export the background profile data in two different FullProf formats (*.bac)
  • Cubic splines background calculation/modification has been improved.
  • New/modified commands "Tools/Restore default settings" and "Tools/Reset to factory settings"
  • Several bugs have been fixed:
    • The profile fitting did not have any effect.
    • A bug in the import filter for MDI raw data files (*.mdi) has been fixed which prohibited the recognition/import of files in this format.
    • A bug affecting the displaying of Miller indices (hkl) in the diffraction pattern has been fixed.
    • Sometimes the peaks were not displayed if the calculated profile option was not active.
    • In certain circumstances it was not possible to export profile or other data to a file, because Match! created an illegal proposition for the file name internally that caused the "File / Save" dialog not to open.
    • Several bugs affecting the loading of Match! version 1 document files have been resolved.
    • Several minor bugs have been fixed.

Enhancements in version 2.0.5

  • The smoothing of raw data has been significantly improved.
  • The number of repetitions of the smoothing algorithm application can now be adjusted for automatic raw data processing.
  • New command "Import predefined phase selection" allows the user to directly define the matching entries, by loading the corresponding entry numbers from a Match! answer set file (*.mta). This is especially helpful if series of similar samples have to be investigated.
  • The settings of the "Export pattern graphics" dialog (e.g. graphics resolution) can now be saved as default values.
  • Several bugs have been fixed:
    • A bug affecting the import of Stoe raw data files on Windows PCs has been fixed.
    • When presets containing a lot of information (e.g. entry numbers) were loaded, the program sometimes crashed.
    • In certain circumstances, the program crashed during the indexing of a new reference database.
    • A bug in the "Find entry" code has been fixed.
    • Some minor bugs have been fixed.

Enhancements in version 2.0.4

  • New command "File/Export/Answer set (Match list)" to export the current entries in the Match list to a Match! answer set file (*.mta)
  • Support for new diffraction data file format "G670" (*.gdf)
  • Several bugs have been fixed:
    • A bug that prevented the adjustment of the width and height of exported pattern graphics images has been fixed.
    • The problem that on Windows and Linux machines the pattern graphics image could not be exported to JPEG- and TIFF-files has been resolved.
    • On Linux machines, all user defined settings that were saved "as defaults" were reset when the program was closed. This issue has been resolved, however, please note that at first you have to manually remove the file

      ".config/Crystal\ Import/Match\!\ 2.conf"

      in your home directory (if present), using administrator rights ("root","sudo"), and install the new Match! version afterwards, in order to fully resolve this issue!
    • The directory in which a pattern graphics file was exported was not stored.
    • An issue has been resolved that caused an error message being displayed when a user tried to open a user database file (*.mtu) that has been created on a different computer.
    • When importing Inel raw data files, a shift/error in the 2theta values might have been applied by accident.
    • Some non-ASCII characters were not displayed correctly in the splash screen.
    • Some minor bugs have been fixed as well.

Enhancements in version 2.0.3

  • Several bugs have been fixed:
    • Fixed a bug causing the user-defined default colors and line styles not to be retained.
    • The user-defined peak searching sensitivity for profile fitting as well as the default wavelength were not retained.
    • An issue affecting the import of monoclinic crystal structure data from cif-files (causing error message "Space group could not be identified") has been resolved.
    • Some minor bugs have been fixed.

Enhancements in version 2.0.2

  • Several bugs have been fixed:
    • A work-around has been implemented that will enable the reading of most version 2.0.0 document files that were corrupted due to a bug in version 2.0.0
    • When using the PDF database, an incorrect error message might have been displayed at program startup.
    • A missing Linux library has been added; afterwards, the program was run successfully also on Linux 64-bit (tested with openSUSE 12.1 64-bit).
    • Some minor bugs have been fixed.

Enhancements in version 2.0.1

  • Several bugs have been fixed:
    • There was no reaction (changes in the candidate list) upon changing the search-match parameters.
    • The "peak position" restrainting did not work (only 0 or 1 entry was found).
    • In the online help on Windows and Linux, several icons and symbol pictures (e.g. mouse cursors) were missing.
    • A bug in the Ital Structures (*.esg) import filter has been fixed.
    • There was a bug in the import code for Bruker RAW4 files that prevented the import of diffraction data files containing more than one pattern.
    • An issue in the import code for Stoe RAW files was resolved.
    • The "1/d"-representation of the diffraction pattern did not work if an entry was marked in the candidate or match list.
    • The "recent files" list in the "File" menu did not include diffraction pattern files.
    • The option "Experimental range only" on the "Graphics" page of the Tools/Options- dialog did not work properly.
    • If a document file contained more than one diffraction pattern, the program crashed when loading it.
    • Several issues when loading a document created using a different reference database have been fixed.
    • On Mac OS X, the "swap patterns" and "delete pattern" buttons for additional diffraction patterns did not work.
    • If cif-files that were imported into the User Database Manager contained errors, the corresponding error message file was not displayed after the import on Windows and Linux.
    • A severe bug in the User Database Manager's cif-import code was fixed that prevented the import of crystal structure data containing standard deviation data for floating point values
    • The selection criterion "Quality" was available on the "Properties" tabsheets even for the COD reference database, causing a crash of the program when being used
    • An issue in the online update code has been resolved.
    • Several minor bugs have been fixed.