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Crystal Impact Introduces Campus Licences

June 30, 2006

Crystal Impact introduces so-called "campus licences" for our own three software products Diamond, Endeavour and Match!. A campus licence allows the installation of a software product on an unlimited number of PCs within a company or university. Upgrades from existing single or site licences are available as well. Please note that this license model does not apply to Pearson's Crystal Data CD-ROM, which is published by ASM International and re-distributed by Crystal Impact!

More details and FAQs about Crystal Impact's licence types in general and the new campus licence in particular are available here.

On the occation of the campus licence introduction, we offer a discount of 25% on the prices of new campus licences and even 50% on upgrades of existing single or site licences to a campus licence. However, this offer is only valid until August 31, 2006! After this date, the normal prices (which will be two-times the prices of the corresponding site licences) will apply.

The prices for new campus licences and licence upgrades are available on the sales pages of the products:

Please note that the campus licence prices on the sales pages already include the discounts mentioned above, so they are valid only until August 31, 2006.