Match! provides a large variety of options. They can be adjusted by the user in the "Options" dialog which can either be opened from the "Options" menu or alternatively by pressing the corresponding button in the main toolbar at the top. The "Options" dialog consists of several pages (also called "tabsheets"), each of which is dedicated to a certain subject:

Default settings

If you mark the "Save as defaults" checkbox at the bottom of the dialog before you close it by clicking "OK", the current settings will be stored in the registry so that they are restored next time your start Match!. You can also save the current settings explicitly by selecting the command "Save as default settings" in the "Options" menu. This is generally appropriate if you changed some options using toolbar buttons instead of the "Options" dialog.
If you have modified any options, you can return to their default values by selecting the "Restore default settings" command from the "Options" menu.

Reset to factory settings

If you are in doubt whether your default settings are still appropriate, or if there is some kind of problem with Match! that you cannot identify, you can restore the original (Crystal Impact) settings using the "Reset to factory settings" command in the "Options" menu.
Please note that this will remove all current Match! settings, including the table of reference databases (but not the reference databases themselves). If you are using Match! with administrator privileges, the personal settings of other users will not be affected, the only exception being the table of reference databases the are defined "for all" users.
If you would like to be able to restore the reference databases after you have run this command, you should open the reference database library and write down the paths to all reference databases before you run the "Reset to factory settings" command. Once you have run the command, you can then return to the reference database library and add the reference databases again using the "Add" button/command.