Match List Options

The following options can be set for the match list:

Display unidentified peak area / residual intensity

You can display either the unidentified peak area or the peak residuals in the match list row below the last phase. If no raw (profile) data are present, the peak residual intensity is displayed, otherwise the unidentified peak area (profile integration of peak areas that are not covered by selected phases).

Double-click speed (msec.)

If the time between two clicks in the match list is below this value, a double-click is assumed, resulting in the current entry being unselected as matching (and hence returned to the candidate list).

Select background color...

You can modify the background color of the match list (which is a light yellow by default) by pressing this button. A color selection dialog will open in which you can select the desired color.
Note that most colors and other stuff like fonts and line styles can be set in the "Colors and line styles" dialog, so that you can adapt Match! to your personal preferences. You can also this dialog either from the "Graphics" page of the "Options" dialog, or by pressing the corresponding button in the toolbar at the top of the main window.

Columns to be displayed

While the color is always displayed, you can toggle the display of a variety of additional information for each match list entry:

  • Entry number
  • Formula sum
  • Crystal system
  • Name of the matched phase
  • Amount (%)

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