Peak List Options

There are only few options available for the peak list which can be adjusted on the "Peak list" page of the "Options" dialog. It can be opened directly from the "Options" menu (or by pressing the corresponding button in the toolbar).

Display 2theta/d-values or intensities: For the peaks of the database patterns, you can either display the 2theta or d-values (depending on the corresponding diffraction pattern option), or alternatively the intensity values (which is default).

Abscissa:This settings is equivalent to the one on the "Graphics" page of the "Options" dialog: You can choose whether you would like to display the 2theta, the d-values or the 1/d-values of the peaks. Hence, this option also affects the contents of the diffraction pattern graphics.

If you enable the checkbox "Save as defaults" in the left bottom corner of the "Options" dialog, the setting of the peak list options will be the same next time you execute Match!.

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