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New Diamond Version 4.6.2

February 4, 2020

A minor update 4.6.2 of "Diamond", our software for crystal and molecular structure visualization, has just become available. This new version has some improvements and corrects several bugs:

  • The following improvements have been made:
    • "Support" command added in the "Help" menu for an improved overview where to get help for newcomers.
    • Radius for thick bonds increased to 100 Angstroem. (That is to show special cylinders or so.)
    • Line objects (cf. "Objects" menu) can now have variable thickness, defined in millimeters (0 mm = 1 pixel).
    • Polyhedron volume now shown in the Properties view for the polyhedron currently selected in the above "Table of polyhedra".
    • "Structure/Insert Atom" now shows fractions, if the calculated position is on a special site. In any case, i.e. also for general site, fractions can be entered as coordinates for the new atom.
    • "Build/Atomic Environments" dialog: New "Copy Table" and "Copy Histogram" commands to copy the neighbouring atoms' table as text or the next neighbour histogram as bitmap to the Windows clipboard - available through the dropdown button of the "Set" button.
  • The following bugs have been resolved:
    • Wrong Wyckoff position in setting Im2m (#4402) of Int. Tables space group 44.
    • POV-Ray export: When exporting two-colored bonds and one end is invisible or "broken-off", the half bond at the invisible atom was invisible.
    • Error code 12290 (CommDlgExtendedError) when running a "Save [...]" command and the latest path was a network path containing a dot, e.g. "\\xxxxxfiles.mst.diamdoc".
    • Several problems with collapsing and re-expanding of data pane.
    • Synchronization problems between navigation tree (cf. View/Navigation) and structure pictures (or their thumbnails).
    • Disorder parts sometimes not correctly considered for non-bonding contacts or H..A bonds.
    • "Build/Insert Bonds..." did not connect atoms of mutually exclusive disorder parts.
    • Error when in thumbnails preview mode and distances and angles or powder pattern view was active and no thumbnail was selected.
    For details, see the "Known Bugs" page.

Diamond version 4 customers should use the online update function (menu "Help/Online update") or check the "Diamond Version 4 Update Page" for alternative update choices.

Diamond Demo Version and Information

If you would like to learn more about Diamond, please visit the corresponding web page where you can also download a demonstration version free-of-charge.