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New Match! version 3.6.2

June 18, 2018

We have just released a new Match! version 3.6.2. The new version provides both new functionality (e.g. automatic checking for new ICDD PDF databases on your PC) as well as fixes for all currently known bugs.

In detail, the following new functions and bug fixes have been implemented:

  • [Windows version only] If a new PDF database has been installed on the PC, Match! will detect this at program startup and ask the user if he would like to index and use it straight away.
  • [Windows version only] New menu command "Database/Check for new PDF databases..."
  • It is now possible to use FullProf for pattern calculation if only crystal structure data but no raw/profile data are present. At least one entry containing full crystal structure data must be present in the match list.
  • New shortcut Ctrl+< (Cmd+< on the Mac) for "Previous zoom"
  • New shortcut Alt+K for "Add peak(s)" command/dialog
  • Mixed wavelengths Ni Kalpha, Mo Kalpha and Ag Kalpha have been added to the corresponding dropdown boxes.
  • New file format "2theta vs. intensity (2 columns)" for "File/Export/Peak data"
  • In the pattern graphics, more lines with peak positions and -correlations can now be displayed below the actual diffraction pattern.
  • Several bugs have been fixed:
    • A bug causing a crash of the Match! program if a FullProf calculation was not successful (R_Bragg = NaN) has been fixed.
    • A bug affecting the availability of the "Strip alpha2..." command has been fixed.
    • Due to a bug in the indexing code for PDF-4 databases, some entry data (like origin choice, cell volume, color or Pearson code) were not available/used in Match!.
      Note that re-indexation of the PDF-4 reference database is required in order to really fix this problem.
    • Due to a bug, atoms may have been missing in the crystal structure data (parameter list) of PDF database entries. In order to fix this problem, a reindexation of the corresponding PDF database using Match! 3.6.2 (or later) is required.
    • The alpha2-stripping did not work in case of Ag Kalpha radiation.
    • We have fixed a bug that caused problems (and sometimes even a crash of the program) when correcting the wavelength if match list entries were present.
    • Several bugs in the calculation of the integrated profile areas has been resolved.
    • When modifying the peak intensity using the mouse in the pattern graphics, the intensity sometimes seemed to "jump".
    • Peaks could not be marked by clicking on the peak positions in the pattern graphics if the background curve was displayed.
    • Exporting of the candidate or match list to a pdf-file caused an error message "Cannot find HTML information/file to be printed.".
    • A variety of bugs affecting the User Database Manager have been fixed.
    • A large variety of minor bugs has also been fixed.

Match! version 3 users should download and install the new version from here.


Match! Demo Version and Information

If you are new to Match! and would like to learn more about it, please visit the Match! web page. where you can also download a full-featured (time-limited) demonstration version free-of-charge.