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New Match! version 3.5.3

November 23, 2017

We have just released a new Match! version 3.5.3 in which we have added refinement of unit cell parameters for indexed unit cell, in addition to some other minor improvements as well as a variety of bug fixes.

In detail, the following new functions and bug fixes have been implemented:

  • Refinement of unit cell parameters (based on currently marked peaks) has been added to the "Indexing results" dialog.
  • New command "Search/Reset search-match results" clears the figure-of-merit (FoM) values and other results of the previous search-match calculation.
  • The dialog "File information" shows the information of current *.mtd file/document.
  • Match! now also works with recent (October 2017 or later) versions of FullProf.
  • Several bugs have been fixed, most of them affecting indexing:
    • The background control points were separated from the background curve if the scaling on the y-axis was set to "cts" (counts).
    • Using the command "Load as experimental" on a Match list entry caused a crash of the program in many cases.
    • The demo version did not display the information window about available updates but a false message "Update subscription has expired".
    • Miller indices (hkl) were not displayed for COD- or user database entries if a "mixed" wavelength with alpha1- and alpha2-contribution was set (e.g. the default Cu Kalpha).
    • After using Dicvol for indexing, even indexed peaks were only marked as "correlated".
    • When using Dicvol for indexing, the space group suggestion read from the Dicvol output files may not have been correct if a solution other than the first one was selected from the table of indexing results.
    • After closing the Dicvol solution selection dialog, only a single solution was taken over to the table of indexing results, even if two or more solutions (unit cells) had been marked.
    • Special characters in the sample ID (like the degree sign) switched over to an unreadable character when saving/loading documents or running the "Undo" command.
    • Pictures were not shown in the report if the corresponding path contained non-ASCII characters.
    • The report options are now preserved within the session as well as when saving and loading documents.
    • Some minor bugs have been fixed as well.

Match! version 3 users should download and install the new version from here.


Match! Demo Version and Information

If you are new to Match! and would like to learn more about it, please visit the Match! web page. where you can also download a full-featured (time-limited) demonstration version free-of-charge.