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New Diamond Version 4.2.0

May 31, 2016

A minor update 4.2.0 of "Diamond", our software for crystal and molecular structure visualization, has just become available. This new version offers some new functions as well as some improvements and bug fixes:

  • The following functions have been added:
    • The new "Build/Molecules/Find Molecules..." dialog lets you search for molecules around selected atoms or molecules in order to create, complete, or destroy them.
    • The new command "Build/Polyhedra/Add or Remove Edges" enables you to remove unwanted edges by clicking two atoms each, i.e. to expand triangles to higher polygons, or vice versa to insert edges.
    • The new commands "Copy Polyhedra" and "Paste Polyhedra" (Build/Polyhedra sub-menu) let you copy a polyhedron building and paste that to one or more atoms of the same site.
  • The following improvements have been made:
    • The table (in the data pane) as well as the "Properties view" now offer the command "Copy All" to copy all rows to Windows clipboard. (So you need not mark all rows and then run "Copy" in order to get all rows.)
    • Some dialogs of the "Build" menu have been enlarged (e.g. "Filter", "Atom Groups", "Add Atoms").
  • The following bugs could be resolved:
    • Faces of Voronoi polyhedra were not represented correctly in flat mode (while it worked ok in rendering mode).
    • Some commands of the "Build" menu did not save a thumbnail bitmap of the previous state (for "Undo"/"Redo" command or docking window).
    • A drawing error in histogram of "Atomic Environments" dialog.

Diamond version 4 customers should use the online update function (menu "Help/Online update") or check the "Diamond Version 4 Update Page" for alternative update choices.

Diamond Demo Version and Information

If you would like to learn more about Diamond, please visit the corresponding web page where you can also download a demonstration version free-of-charge.