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Year 2010 Preview

December 18, 2009

Now that the new year is coming closer, we would like to give you an overview of what you can expect from Crystal Impact in 2010.

Match! 2.0

The best Match! you have ever seen is coming up with a lot of new features. The main improvements of version 2 are:

  • Runs on Mac OS X, Linux and of course Windows
  • Additional experimental patterns can be imported and visually compared to the main experimental pattern
  • Extremely comfortable handling of restraints as well as manually added entries
  • Perpetual restrainting similar to Pearson's Crystal Data
  • Saving/Loading of restraints/additional entries settings
  • Improved automatics (e.g. automatic selection of multiple matching phases)
  • Rietveld refinement using FullProf (probably not in first version 2.0 but in later version 2.x)

Release of version 2 is scheduled for late summer 2010.

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Diamond 4.0

The long expected Diamond version 4 will bring you a lot of new and enhanced functions, here the most outstanding ones:

  • Closer integration and improved correlation of the different views (structure picture, thumbnails, data sheet, tables, powder pattern, distances and angles, etc.).
  • More intelligent automatic structure picture creation. Definition of building schemes and design schemes.
  • New "exploration" mode for much more intuitive studying of a crystal or molecular structure and to preview neighbouring atoms and molecules.
  • Enhanced functions for molecules, packing diagrams, and to find non-bonding contacts.
  • Determination of atomic environments by calculation of Dirichlet domains. Creation of Voronoi polyhedra as well as several new functions for coordination polyhedra.
  • Searching crystal structure databases AMCSD ("American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Database") and COD ("Crystallography Open Database") as well CIF files from the IUCr journals.

Release of version 4 is scheduled for autumn 2010.

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Endeavour 1.8

Although no major update will come in 2010, but a revised Endeavour desktop and some improved handling is scheduled for late 2010.

Pearson's Crystal Data 2010/11

The next annual release of Pearson's Crystal Data (2010/11) is scheduled for July 2010.