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New low-price licences for Pearson's Crystal Data

October 31, 2008

Pearson's Crystal Data, the high-quality database for inorganic crystal structures, published by ASM International, is now available at a much lower price!

165,000 structural data sets for more than 100,000 different phases, 13,000 experimental and 150,000 calculated powder patterns (current release 2008/9), covering more than 90 percent of the ICSD, can now be purchased for an annual licence starting at 360 Euros (one-year licence for a single academic person).

Up to now, the database was only available with permanent (not time-limited) licence types, leading to a relatively high price for the initial purchase, especially when just a single person was interested. In the meantime, we have been contacted by several potential customers asking for a different licencing model. Typically, these people were the only ones in their institute that would like to use the database, and quite frequently they were members of the institute for only a limited amount of time. As a result, they could not really benefit from the permanent 1 to 5 (or even more) installation licences that were available up to now.

Hence, ASM International and Crystal Impact have developed an additional licence model with five new licence types that are available at much lower prices:

  • Single licence for personal academic usage, valid for one year: 360 Euro
  • Site licence for an academic institute or department, valid for one year: 760 Euro
  • Single licence (1 installation) for a company or a government research institute, valid
    for one year: 1,550 Euro
  • Small group licence (2-4 installations) for a company or a government research
    institute, valid for one year: 2,350 Euro
  • Site licence (5 or more installations) for a company or a government research institute,
    valid for one year: 2,800 Euro

The "academic" licences are only available to degree-granting organizations. Note that these prices do not include taxes or shipping costs which may be due!

Similar to competing products, these five new licences are limited to one year, i.e. after one year the database will refuse to work, and you have to purchase a new licence if you would like to continue using the database. These licence types are no subscriptions, thus no cancellation is necessary from your side, and there is no automatic, unwanted renewal!

The permanent licences are also still available, with their prices having been significantly reduced.

With this large number of different licence types available, you should be able to find the one that best suites your requirements on our sales page.

All information about the database is available here.