The Data Sheet

The so-called "data sheet" presents (nearly) all information present in a reference database entry to the user:

In order to display the data sheet for a reference database entry, please mark the corresponding line in the candidate list or match list by (single-)clicking on it using the left mouse button. Afterwards, either select the "Data sheet" command from the "View" menu, press <Ctrl+D> on your keyboard, or klick on the corresponding tab at the top of the match list. The data sheet will be displayed in the panel on the right-hand side of the screen.

You can also display an additional data sheet for refined crystal structure data. It is only available on the "Data sheet" tab if the data sheet is displayed for a matching phase for which the last Rietveld refinement calculation has converged (i.e. was successful). Please click on the "Data sheet" tab first, then on the sub-tab "Refined" at the top in order to display the refined crystal structure data. In order to return to the original entry data sheet, please click on the "Original" sub-tab.

Print data sheet: In order to print the data sheet, select the "Print..." command from the "File" menu, select "Data sheet" in the "Print" dialog which opens, and press "OK". The "Print" dialog can also be opened by clicking on the corresponding button in the main toolbar below the menu, or by pressing <Ctrl+P> on the keyboard.

Export data sheet: You can export the data sheet of the currently marked entry (either original or refined data (if available)) to a pdf-file. In order to do so, select the "Print..." command from the "File" menu, select the "Data sheet (original)" or "Data sheet (refined)" command from the "File/Export" sub-menu. Select an appropriate directory and file name, then press "Save".

Background color: The background color of the field descriptors in the data sheet corresponds to the "FoM-color" assigned in the candidate list. You can disable the coloring of the background by deactivating the "Color differentiation according to FoM"-option on the "General"-page of the "Options"-dialog. See also the notes below concerning the printing of the background color!

Data sheet options: You can select if d- or 2θ-values shall be displayed on the data sheets. This can be defined on the Data sheet tab of the "Options"-dialog

Please note: