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Diamond Version 4 - Beta Version Download

This page is the central access point for the download of the beta 4 version of Diamond. Besides this, there may be additional documents (what ever) here on this page for download.

The Diamond 4 beta version has become available in April 2014. The final release of version 4.0 is now  scheduled for the time between 27 and 31 October 2014.

The beta version 2 has become available on July 28, 2014. It contains some minor bug fixes and the online help is half on its way to be complete.

This is the last beta version and will expire on October 31, 2014.

You can check out the Diamond Developer Blog for more details about the progress of the beta version and the preparation of documentation (and release version as well as versions 4.x later).

Beta Version 1 has expired on July 31, 2014
(This information is for users who already have installed a Diamond beta version.) The original Diamond 4 beta version 1, which was available on this page and was created on April 11, 2014, has expired on July 31, 2014. Since other versions of the "4.0 beta 1" with a later expiration date have been distributed on the "Crystal Impact companion DVD" (demo versions of Crystal Impact software products) on several conferences this year, you should first check the expiration date of your beta version:

In Diamond beta version, open the "Help" menu and click on "About Diamond..." and check the expiration date mentioned in the "About Diamond" dialog: "This license expires on ...". If it is July 31, 2014, you will have to update your beta 1 installation in order to continue working with the Diamond 4 beta version.

You have the choice:
(A) to replace three files or
(B) to uninstall the beta 1 and download and install the beta 2 version.
Since only three files need to be replaced, which make 4.3 MB in a ZIP file (rather than the almost 700 megabytes of download package of beta 2), we recommend to download the update package and manually replace the three files. Otherwise you can follow the download instructions below.

Installation of Diamond 4 beta 2 update package
(Note: You need administration rights, because you will copy and replace files in/to a "Program Files" sub-directory.)
(1) Download the update package:
(2) Go to the Diamond 4 beta program directory (e.g. with Windows Explorer), which is usually located at: "C:\Program Files\Diamond 4 Beta\" (or "C:\Program Files (x86)\Diamond 4 Beta\" on a 64 bit operating system).
(3) Make a backup copy of the three files:
-- "Diamond.exe" (the main executable),
-- "Diamond.chm" (the online help file), and
-- "yourlicense.lic" (the license file).
(4) Extract the three files "Diamond.exe", "Diamond.chm", and "yourlicense.lic" from the downloaded ZIP file and copy them into the Diamond program directory, replacing the old versions of the three mentioned files each. Check the file size and date of the new files:
-- Diamond.exe: 11,972,608 bytes; July 28, 2014.
-- Diamond.chm: 470,983 bytes; July 28, 2014.
-- yourlicense.lic: 3001 bytes; July 25, 2014.

Keeping or discarding Diamond's registry settings
When you execute the new Diamond 4 beta 2 version for the first time, you will be prompted to remove the Diamond registry settings left by the previous beta 1 version or to keep them. Removing the registry settings starts Diamond beta like after the very first installation (with factory default settings, concerning window size, position, pane widths and heights as well as latest picture design settings, etc.) Note: You can later reset the registry settings using the command "Reset Settings" from the "Tools" menu.

Some important notes for the usage of a Diamond 4 beta version:

  • The first beta version (4.0 beta 1) has expired on July 31, 2014. The second beta version (4.0 beta 2) will expire on October 31, 2014 and will be superseded by a subsequent beta version or replaced by the final release version.
  • This beta version is aimed at users of the current version 3.x of Diamond to check out new functions and features of version 4. If you are not familiar with Diamond version 3.x, you should inform about that version and/or first try out the current Diamond 3.2 demonstration version, cf. the links below.
  • Since the online help has not yet been updated to the new commands, dialogs, and functionalities and no manual or tutorial is yet available, we recommend using the "What's New" manual (available from the "Help" menu) that guides you through the new features of version 4.
  • Since this beta version is in an early state, there are still a lot of bugs, and some functionalities are still incomplete:
    • Changes in structure documents may be saved incompletely in the original file format of Diamond 3 and 4 (the Diamond Document format, "diamdoc").
    • Changes may be restored incompletely when using the "Undo" or "Redo" commands.
    • A banner with "Diamond Version 4.0 Beta N" (N: sequential beta version number) will appear in saved bitmaps, Windows Metafiles, and printouts.
    • The "Video Buffer" is not yet buffering images from the "Tools/Video Sequence" commands or from the (new) "Tools/Photograph" command.
    • POV-Ray is not included with this beta version.
    • The "Start View" you are reading as well as the splash window that appears when Diamond is starting will be re-designed.
  • This beta version cannot yet - neither manually nor automatically - update to a newer beta version. (Later beta versions will do.) In order to continue testing the upcoming Diamond 4 version after expiration, you have to download and install a newer beta version manually from this page.

Download of complete installation package for Diamond Version 4.0 Beta 2
Package created on July 28, 2014.
File size: 687,339,160 bytes.
Please check the size of the file after download to avoid errors in the installation procedure caused by incomplete file download.
Link to self-extractable installation file: Diamond-4-Beta-2-Setup.exe
Link to Readme.txt file: Readme.txt

If you already installed a Diamond 4 Beta Preview version (that was available for participants of the DGK meeting in Berlin in March 2014), first uninstall that preview version before you install the beta 1 version.

Please note:
(1) Depending on the Windows version where you are installing the beta version, you will receive several warnings, such as that a downloaded executable file may harm your system, or (after download) that the origin of the file cannot be determined and you are asked to delete the file. The file has been tested here for viruses with Microsoft Security Essentials.
(2) You can install Diamond 4 beta version on a computer where Diamond version 3.2 already has been installed. (Diamond 4 beta will be installed into a different sub-directory and uses a different section of the Windows Registry to save its settings. Double-clicking on a diamdoc file will still open Diamond 3.2 rather than 4 beta.)

Bug reports
When you encounter errors using a Diamond 4.0 beta version (you will -- sooner or later), you should first check the page "Diamond Version 4 Beta - Known Bugs", if this bug already has been mentioned. Otherwise please report the bug to: