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New Match! version 3.14 (Build 230)

May 19, 2022

Today we have released the new version 3.14 (Build 230) of Match!, our software for phase analysis using powder diffraction data. The new version now displays pie charts of the phase and elemental analysis results in the report. In addition, some minor improvements as well as bug fixes have also been implemented.

Here is the full list of improvements in the new version:

  • Pie charts showing the phase and elemental composition are now displayed in the report (feature not available in Windows XP/Vista version!)

    Screenshot of Match! with Pie Charts

  • New commands "File / Export / Pie chart [...]" have become available for exporting pie chart graphics, presenting the phase and elemental quantitative analysis results.
  • There now is a separate version for Windows XP and Vista 32-bits. The "main" 32-bit Windows version now requires at least Windows 7.
  • You can now also insert additional diffraction patterns from Match! document files (*.mtd), using the menu command "Pattern / Insert/overlay..." as usual. If a Match! document file contains more than one experimental pattern, a window will be displayed where you can select the pattern(s) you would like to insert into your current document.
  • The display of the warning message regarding a large default FWHM can now be suppressed by marking "Don't show again" in the corresponding window. This can be useful e.g. if you import diffraction data in a batch script.
  • Several bugs have been fixed:
    • During the search-match calculation, reference patterns were rejected immediately if at least one of their three strongest peaks was outside the range of the experimental pattern, even though the "Restrict to exp. range" search-match option was active.
    • The manual shifting of the zero point and specimen displacement error correction in the pattern graphics was not possible when using touch devices (e.g. touchpad or Apple Magic Mouse), because the current shift was always reset when releasing the touch device.
    • Due to a bug, the diffraction pattern was not displayed after loading a Match! version 1 document if a different reference database was used for saving.
    • [macOS] The "FullProf Manual" command was not available in the "Help" menu on macOS systems.
    • Some minor bugs have also been fixed.

Match! version 3 users should check their update permission time (e.g. in "Help / About Match!") and then download and install the new version 3.14 Build 230 from here.

Match! Demo Version and Information

If you are new to Match! and would like to learn more about it, please visit the Match! web page. where you can also download a full-featured (time-limited) demonstration version free-of-charge.