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New Update Subscription Model

March 2, 2015

Starting with the upcoming Match! version 3 (to be released in summer 2015), Crystal Impact will switch over to a subscription model for updates, replacing the current "major/minor update model".

The main advantage of the new model is that new and improved functionality will become available much earlier than with the previous 'major update' model: With the new subscription model we will be able to continuously develop our software and add new functionality (and bug fixes) as it comes along, without having to think about keeping a highlighting new feature back for a potential future major update.

With the new model, you can still use your software/license as long as you like (if you have purchased a permanent license), just like it has been with the previous "major/minor update model". The major change in the new model is that all updates and new versions that are released within a certain amount of time (called your "subscription period") will be available for download and installation free-of-charge, even if major improvements have been implemented.

Updates to versions that are released after your subscription period has expired cannot be installed and run. If you would like to use these more recent versions, you have to purchase an extension for your subscription.

As has already been mentioned, the subscription model will first be introduced for Match! 3 in summer 2015. The current versions of Diamond (version 4) and Endeavour (version 1) will still use the old "major/minor update model". They will be switched over to the new subscription model when their next major updates (Diamond 5 and Endeavour 2) become available.
Pearson's Crystal Data is not affected by the new subscription policy, because it is not our own product and the licensing and update conditions are defined by the publisher ASM International.

More information about the new subscription model as well as some frequently asked questions and their answers are available here.