Welcome to the Match! online help!

We have done our best to make the usage of Match! as straight forward and easy as possible. Nevertheless, there will always be situations in which you would like to know how to perform a certain operation or to learn something about the background.

Please note that this online help is something like a reference manual for experienced users. If you are new to Match! and would like to learn how to use the software, we strongly recommend to watch our tutorial videos on the web.

For additional background information, please take a look at the manual (which can be opened using the menu command "Help/Manual"). Of course, there is also a short introduction into the subject of phase analysis using powder diffraction data in this online help (Match! Basics) where you can start reading.

First of all, there are two basic keyboard shortcuts you should always keep in mind:

Using these two shortcuts, you should be able to clarify most issues and questions.

If you are not familiar with phase analysis using powder diffraction data yet, you should read the chapters Match! Basics and Some General Hints for Phase Analysis using Powder, in order to get some basic understanding of the procedure.

If you have any questions or if you encounter problems, you will find help in the chapter "Support". Here you will also learn about the differenct ways you can contact us.