List Selection Box Usage

For many restrainting criteria (like color, formula sum or name), a dialog window called "list selection box" can be opened by clicking on the button to the right of the corresponding input field.

A list selection box displays a list of all available values for a certain field in the reference pattern database, e.g. a list of all colors or names. To the right of each value, the number of entries which contain the corresponding value is displayed. The basic aim of the list selection box is to provide the user with a quick and intuitive input facility for restrainting values.

Match! uses the so-called "perpetual restrainting" mechanism, so the values that are available in list selection boxes may be limited by other selection criteria that are currently active. For example, if you have entered a certain author name on the "References" page, you will only see the formula sums of compounds published by this author in the "Formula sum" list selection box.

In order to select one or more values in the list selection box, simply mark the corresponding line(s) and close the list selection box afterwards by clicking "OK". The corresponding "values" will be copied to the input field automatically. If you would like to mark more than a single value/line, please click on the first line/value of interest, press the Shift key on your keyboard and keep it pressed until you have clicked on the final value/line. All values/lines in between the two lines will be marked as well. Alternatively, you can also keep the Ctrl (Cmd) button pressed while clicking on individual values/lines you would like to mark.