Create Reference Database

Match! cannot use pattern sources like the PDF database directly; it requires the presence of so-called "index files". These files contain sorted extracts of the original data, thus enabling a much faster processing of diffraction pattern comparison and database retrieval tasks. In other words, creating a new reference database means to create index files for an existing source database.

Note: Some reference databases (the ICDD PDF database products) are currently only available on the Windows platform. On the Mac and on Linux machines, you can only use the "old" PDF-2 database (if you have a valid license for it), and of course the COD reference database that is installed along with Match!, or your own diffraction data and user database files.

If you would like to create a new reference database, please press the "Create..." button in the Reference Database Library dialog. If any PDF relational database products (like the ICDD PDF-4+) are installed, Match! will check the validity of the corresponding licenses. Afterwards, the "Create Reference Database" dialog will be displayed.

You now have to select your desired reference pattern database(s). It is also possible to define a name for the new reference database, and to select the directory in which all files of this new reference database shall be stored. Depending on your selection, the further steps are different:

Once the new reference database has been created (and selected if required), you can leave the Reference Database Library by pressing the "Quit" button, and apply the new reference database in phase analysis and database retrievals.