Import Entries from Match! User Database Files

If you are more than one Match! user in an institution, it is reasonable to share own reference diffraction patterns, or, in other words, the user database entries. Match! is able to append another user's user database entries to your own. In fact, this is a rather simple task:

Simply copy e.g. your colleague's user database file (*.mtu) to your computer, then click the "Import" button at the top of the User Database Manager window. A dialog will be displayed in which you can select if you would like to import entry data either from cif (crystallographic information files), from some other Match! user database (mtu-file), or from the ICSD/Retrieve. Please mark the "mtu (Match! user database)" option, then press "OK". A "File Open" dialog will be displayed, from which you can select the mtu-file you would like to import entries from.

Once you have pressed the "Open" button, the entries will be imported into the current user database. Afterwards, a message will appear indicating the number entries that have been imported. Once you acknowledge by pressing "OK", the new entries will appear in the Entry list.

Please note: