Directly find specific phases

If you already know that one or the other phase is present in your sample, you can search for it and display it directly, so that you can compare its diffraction pattern to your experimental data and maybe select it as matching.

To bring up a certain phase directly, press <Ctrl+F> (or press the button at the right-hand side of the toolbar at the top). Afterwards, start typing the name, the formula sum or the entry number of the compound. Mark the corresponding phase in the list that is displayed automatically, then press <Return>.

Match! will display and mark the first matching entry in the candidate list at the bottom left. The corresponding diffraction pattern will be displayed in the pattern graphics above, so you can compare it to the experimental pattern and maybe select it as matching.

At this point, you are now ready to e.g.

Note: It is of course perfectly possible to use Match!'s restraining facilities without any diffraction data, i.e. to use Match! as a comfortable retrieval software for the reference pattern database.