Exporting Reference Pattern (Peaks)

Using this command (which is available in the "File/Export" submenu) you can export the peak data (d- and corresponding intensity values) of a reference pattern (i.e. a pattern listed in the candidate list) to a peak list file, either as two columns (d vs. intensity (*.dif); see below) or as a Stoe PKS file (*.pks).

This command is only available if a single entry is marked in the candidate list!

First, mark (click on) a single entry/line in the candidate list. Afterwards, select the "Reference Pattern" command from the "File/Export" submenu. A new window will open in which you have to select the type of file (*.dif or *.pks) and the directory as well as enter the file name. Finally, press the "Save" button.

The two-column peak data file format (*.dif) mentioned above can be created or edited using any conventional text editor. There is a line for each individual peak, containing the d-value and the intensity (separated by one or more spaces). Example:

  5.388877   157.0
  4.880764     5.7
  4.634748     5.0
  4.104961    12.0
  3.997782     5.8
  3.676312    12.7
  3.602808     9.9