Exporting Peak Data

You can export the diffraction pattern (peak data) of the unknown sample in a simple ASCII two-column format (*.dif) which can e.g. be read by Endeavour. Please select the "Peak data" command from the "Export" submenu of the "File" menu. Enter the file name and click "Save".

Files in the "dif" (two-column peak data) file format can be created or edited using any conventional text editor. There is a line for each individual peak, containing the d-value and the intensity (separated by one or more spaces). Example:

  5.388877   157.0
  5.326649   639.2
  4.880764     5.7
  4.634748     5.0
  4.505881  1000.0
  4.104961    12.0
  3.997782     5.8
  3.676312    12.7
  3.631355   222.0