Exporting Diffraction Pattern (Picture)

The diffraction pattern graphics can be exported in a variety of common file formats. The picture is exported exactly as it is displayed in the panel on the upper left-hand side of the Match! window.

In order to export the pattern graphics, please select the "Pattern graphics" command from the "Export" submenu of the "File" menu. Select the desired file format and extension in the "Files of type" box at the bottom of the file dialog, then enter the file name and click "Save". You will now be given the option to rotate the pattern graphics by 90 degrees to the left, so that the picture is oriented in "landscape" mode on the page. Mark the corresponding option if desired, then press "OK".

The following file formats are supported:

The current version of Match! does not support the export of Windows enhanced metafile files (*.emf). In order to transfer your diffraction patterns as scalable vector plots to Microsoft Word, you can use the Scalable Vector Graphics format (*.svg) in combination with one of the following options: