Delete entry from reference database

You can delete one or more entries that is/are currently marked in the candidate list from the reference database under the following conditions:

In order to delete on or more entries, please mark them in the candidate list first, e.g. by keeping the <Ctrl> button pressed while clicking on them. Afterwards, you can either run the "Delete reference database entry" from the "Database" menu, or select the corresponding command from the context menu of the candidate list (which can be opened by right-clicking on the corresponding line/entry to be deleted).

You will be asked for confirmation. After a few seconds, a message will be displayed indicating that the entry has been deleted from the current reference database.

Cleaning of database files

When one or more entries are deleted from the database, Match! in fact only updates the index files. The original entries are still kept within the database file, in order to avoid shifting/copying a lot of data while the software is still in use.

When the user closes Match!, the program checks if entries have been edited or deleted, and removes the surplus entry data from the database file before finally closing. This procedure may take a few seconds.