Quantitative Phase Analysis

Match! is able to calculate the amounts both of micro-crystalline as well as amorphous phases (to a certain degree) using the following methods for quantitative analysis:

Once a quantitative analysis has been performed successfully, the quantity (weight %) of each selected phase/entry is displayed in the "Quant.(%)" column of the match list as well as in the report.

The composition can also be displayed as pie chart graphics on the "Composition" tab. This tab is either displayed automatically after the first or second phase has been selected as "matching", or it can be displayed manually, e.g. by running the menu command "View / Composition", or by pressing the pressing the corresponding button in the toolbar.
Depending on the corresponding "Options" setting, Match! will either display the phase composition, the elemental composition, or both in a combined "donut" pie chart. You can also switch between these display options by clicking on the menu button in the top-right corner of the pie chart graphics.

As soon as the phase amounts have been calculated, the elemental composition is also available. It can e.g. be displayed in the "tool tip" when the mouse cursor is placed over the match list, by running the menu command "Quantify / Elemental composition...", or on the "Composition" tab which can e.g. be displayed by running "View / Composition" or by pressing the corresponding button in the toolbar.